Software Features

Driving School Scheduling

Easy to Use Scheduler

You can simply drag and drop lessons and view daily and weekly schedules for Single or Multiple Instructors. Add instructor availability and time off with ease.

View All Staff

View all instructors schedules on a single screen. Easily book or reschedule lessons by simply dragging lessons from one staff to another. You can also see, student details, vehicle allocation and availability and more. Its all in one place.

Driving school scheduler
Driving school online booking

Online Booking

Our Online Student Booking solution is the most flexible and comperehensive on the market. No other software provider comes close to our capability and list of feature. Students and parents can view and book lessons from any device any time. Dramatically reducing phone calls and strain on the office staff.


Our propriatery Late-Cancel-Booking algorithm is an amazing feature that will notify students and parents of last minute open slots. When a student late cancels the lesson, our system compiles the list of eligible students and automatically notifies them or their parents via email or text. They can book the open slot immediately from their phone. This feature will increase your school's productivity, efficiency and revenue. No more wait lists and phone calls.

Driving school scheduler
Driving school online booking

Eliminate Double Booking

Our software will prevent you or your team members from double booking staff or vehicles. All of your staff or vehicle availability is visible with a click of a button. With a glance check the availability of your team members and schedule them with confidence.

Class and Driving Lesson Reminders

Automate your school and let our software send automatic lesson and classroom session reminders via email or text. Calling takes a lot of time, effort and costs money. Sit back and focus on other things. Let us help you communicate better with your students and their parents.

Driving school scheduler